Myopia & Hyperopia

Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Enjoy clear and healthy eyes that breathe freely as if wearing no lenses at all. With the fusion of superior oxygen delivery and the patented HYDRACLEAR® 1 moisture-locking technology, your eyes are able to truly, freely breathe as if wearing no lenses at all!


1 • DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® comes with Triple Care – Moisture, Oxygen, UV Protection – to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy all day*, every day.

Keeps eyes moist and comfortable with its unique, wettable, ultra-smooth properties of HYDRACLEAR® 1 moisture-locking technology which supports the protective tear film in the eyes, keeping eyes moist and comfortable.

Supports the health of the eyes as it is made from unique silicone hydrogel that delivers nearly 100% oxygen to the eyes, letting them breathe freely, for clear, white and healthy eyes till end of the day.

UV Protection
Protects from harmful UV rays by blocking 100% of UVB and 97% of UVA radiation from the sun.

Why 1 • DAY ACUVUE® TruEye®?

1 • DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® Lens Details

BenefitsClear and healthy eyes that breathe freely as if wearing no lenses at all.
Vision CorrectionMyopia: Distant objects appear blurry.
Hyperopia: Near objects appear blurry. Blur can also occur when viewing distant objects.
Replacement ScheduleDaily wear, daily replacement.
Fresh pair everyday for great comfort and convenience.
Package Size30 lenses/box
PowersBase Curve 8.5mm
  • -0.50D to -6.00D (in 0.25 steps)
  • -6.50D to -12.00D (in 0.50 steps)
  • +0.50D to +6.00D (in 0.25 steps)
Base Curve 9.0mm
  • -0.50D to -6.00D (in 0.25 steps)
  • -6.50D to -12.00D (in 0.50 steps)
  • +0.50D to +6.00D (in 0.25 steps)
Internationally recognised UV Blocking Lenses100% UVB and 97% UVA
The highest Internationally recognized UV protection standards available in any contact lens.
Visibility Tint/Inside-Out IndicatorLenses are lightly tinted blue so you can spot them in your lens case and inserting lenses correctly every time is as easy as following the 1-2-3 mark.
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