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Sight For Kids has been touching the lives of children since 2002, and it is only made possible with the support of our passionate and dedicated volunteer. Together, we have transformed the lives of many children for the better – such as eye health education, high quality vision examinations, and referral access to professional eye care and treatment. Many of our children have received the gift of sight, and a chance to realise their dreams.

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Yodying Sae Lee’s Story - From Squint to Success

20-year-old Yodying Sae Lee from Bangkok, Thailand, struggled to see well in class when she was a young girl. This was because Yodying was suffering from an eye condition called Strabismus, also known as Squint. Squint is a particularly common eye condition in children where the eyes point in different directions, causing double vision and/or blurriness. When left untreated, it can have a permanent effect on vision and potentially lead to blindness.
Yodying would get bullied in school because of her severe squint, often being called names like, “squinty,” which ultimately discouraged her from wanting to go to school.
She lost her confidence, and her mother quickly became concerned with her well-being. The condition not only began to affect Yodying's development in school, but it also started to take a toll on the family's mental welfare.
That was until one day, Yodying received treatment for her squint through the Sight For Kids programme. The moment that her surgery was completed, and vision restored, it was like she was gifted a new life.
Today, not only is Yodying able to continue her education, but she has also found a sense of renewed hope to pursue a career like everyone else.

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