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Prioritize Your Eyes

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It’s a Good Time to Prioritize Your Eyes

Eye exams are about more than vision. In fact, an eye exam can detect ocular signs or symptoms of more than 270 different medical conditions—from diabetes to heart disease. Prioritize Your Eyes is a worldwide effort to raise awareness about the connection of eye health to overall health—including digital eye strain, which is affecting us more and more as screen use increases.

Even if you’re not due for an eye exam right now, your vision care shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s quite a bit you can do at home to help your eye health—and overall wellness—until it’s time to visit your eye care professional.

Take 20 to Refresh Your Eyes

Play the video below to see what Take 20 really means.
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Are you spending a lot of time looking at digital screens? It’s time to Take 20. Use the tips in this video to take a break and refresh your eyes. It’s really important!

Eye Health for Parents and Students

Today, we’re all spending more time on our devices than ever before, and so are our kids. With all that screen time, it’s even more important to prioritize your children’s eye health. Follow the tips in our toolkit to get you and your kids on track.

Eye Health for Working Professionals

These days our eyes are working harder than ever. Between videoconferences, emails, and even online entertainment, your screen dependency is probably at an all-time high. As businesses leverage even more technology, it’s important to keep your health—and eye health—in focus. Check out these tips to learn how.

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