Maggy Wang

Radio DJ on Fly FM

As one of the Top 8 finalists of the Miss Malaysia Universe pageant in 2012, 24-year old Magdeline Wang, better known as Maggy, found her niche in the entertainment scene even while she was still pursuing her Double Degree (in a Bachelors of Business Commerce and a Bachelors of Communications) at Monash University. Since then, she has been involved in numerous events and carnivals as a public figure as well as in reality shows such as Grandstand Arena, Bella NTV7, and Football Overload. Maggy is currently a radio DJ on Fly FM and actively engages her followers on Instagram with a fitness series called #movewithmaggy which documents how she overcame a challenging season by discovering the importance of loving oneself and living healthy. Maggy continues to share her passion for health and fitness with her fans and was recently named one of Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Female Personalities (2014).

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