When it comes to vision correction, contact lenses give you crisp all-round vision, the freedom to be active and a fresh look.

There are however a number of doubts/myths about contact lenses, which may prevent one from trying contact lenses on. Here are a few short videos that set the facts straight!

Are contact lenses comfortable to wear?

Are contact lenses easy to insert and remove?

Are contact lenses easy to clean and maintain?

Can contact lenses get lost inside the eyes?

Other contact lenses-related queries

Can contact lenses cause eye infections?

If proper care routines are followed, the risk of eye infections is minimal. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses and follow the lens care advice of your Eye Care Professional.

Can contact lenses get stuck in the eye?

Contact lenses cannot get stuck in your eye and are easily removed using the method your Eye Care Professional recommends.

Can contact lenses pop out of my eye?

Properly fitted contact lenses should stay in place. In the rare event that a lens moves out of place, it will stay in your eye. Blinking a few times should move it back into position. Otherwise, wash your hands and gently massage your eyelid or move the lens with your finger.

Can children and teenagers wear contact lenses?

Lots of teenagers and even children wear lenses. Successful use depends more on responsible behaviour and attitude than age. Ask your Eye Care Professional for more advice.

Can people over 40 wear contact lenses?

People of all ages can wear contact lenses. As we get older, most of us develop the need for reading glasses. If you wear contact lenses, you don’t have the hassle of switching glasses to read a newspaper, book or menu.

Can contact lenses increase short-sightedness in children?

A study of 8 to 11 year olds showed contact lens wearers had no greater increase in short-sightedness when compared to children wearing glasses.

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